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    Some of the same HAZWOPER courses students can get online are also offered on CD-ROM. Using OSHA training courses on CD-ROM is an affordable way for an employer to train ALL their employees at their convenience, on their time schedule, and under their supervision. What could be easier?

    Note: While CD-ROM employee training courses may not be exactly the same as the current year’s online courses, both are updated often.

    CD-ROMs are meant to be a training tool for those employers who have the means to conduct their own training, but need training materials in order to do so. The CD-ROM uses a computer's web browser to navigate through the course sections and is completely narrated. Everything you need to conduct your own OSHA training courses can be found on the CD-ROM, including:

    • An executable program – just insert the CD-ROM, follow the instructions, and view in a web browser;
    • Forms to track an employee’s training hours;
    • A Final Exam for you to administer; and
    • Certificates to fill out and issue to employees upon completion of the training.

    Time Formats

    HAZWOPER Refresher CD-ROM Training Programs are available in the following time frame formats:

    • 1 month
    • 3 month
    • 6 month (best seller)
    • 1 year
    • 5 year
    • 25 year 

    The initial 24 Hour HAZWOPER Course is also offered on CD-ROM. This course comes with a one year license and may be renewed each year as an option.

    Each CD-ROM will expire at the end of the time frame listed above. Again, this allows employers to train as many employees as they want in the allotted time period.

    Or, order by phone at 888-309-7233.


    We can also make custom CD-ROM employee training programs for any content an employer already has in-house. Some examples of CD-ROM training programs include:

    • Company policies;
    • Employee orientation;
    • Emergency plans;
    • New items;
    • Required refresher programs; and
    • Human resources training.

    Please contact us if you would like us to customize a CD-ROM employee-training program for you, or if you have any questions about OSHA Training Courses on CD-ROM.

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    8 Hr. Hazwoper Refresher Training CD-ROM

    Our prices start at just $129.95 for a 1-Month License for this CD-ROM that contains everything you need to conduct your own OSHA training courses. Other Licensing time-frames available.

    24 Hour HAZWOPER Training CD-ROM

    Our 24 Hr HAZWOPER CD-ROM is only $1599.95 for a 1-Year License that includes everything you need to conduct your own OSHA training courses.

    Training on CD-ROM

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